cathodic protection

Catodic Protection is a technique used to protect metal structures from corrosion when exposed to an electrolytic environment such as soils, marine waters, chemicals etc.

By circulating the direct current between an electrode, called anode, and the surface of the structure to be protected, called cathode, the corrosion process of the metal structure is slowed down.

Sa.Gest srl is an APCE member and its staff includes first, second and third level cathodic protection qualified professionals, according to UNI EN 15257.  The best practices of our technicians are guaranteed by TUV TIC certifications obtained over the years:  ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008.

Moreover Sa.Gest produces, in its laboratories, cathodic protection carbon steel rods with a 60 to 70 mm diameter and customisable length.


Oil & Gas
Civil and Industrial

Our activities

Sa.Gest cathodic protection experts offer the following services:

  • design, construction and testing of cathodic protection systems with impressed current or with galvanic anodes;
  • routine and extraordinary maintenance of existing systems;
  • locationing and mapping of pipeline tracks;
  • detection of underground pipes isolation faults (fault detection);
  • cathodic protection applied to underground and immersed metal structures, underwater metal structures, reinforced concrete structures, internal surfaces of tank structures
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