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Who we are today

Sa.Gest. srl is a global service technology company operating in the  Oil & Gas, Civil and Industrial and Energy sectors. Our employees’ work is based on passion, innovation and skill development and stands out for the quality of the services offered. The core business consists of:

  • design, installation, maintenance and testing of cathodic protection systems;
  • design, implementation and maintenance of electrical systems, instruments (ELE / SMI) and industrial automation;
  • manufacturing of switchboards MT-BT cabinets, industrial control systems;
  • design, manufacturing and installation of LED lighting solutions for industrial applications and areas at risk of ATEX explosion;
  • design, installation and maintenance of HVAC and thermal insulation systems;
  • design of technological and self-sustainable systems with renewable energy sources.

Our business model also includes the production of:

  • cathodic protection steel rods;
  • ducts and accessories;
  • preform thermal and acoustic insulation systems.

We provide consulting and other services for large Oil & Gas companies (Eni, Snam, Italgas etc.), large companies in general (Enel, Ikea etc.), and  public bodies, and we offer them global and certified expertise.

We work to support all our customers at all levels by monitoring performance, efficiency, quality, risks and opportunities in each specific field of action with a focus on environmental policies. Check out our case history to learn more about our achievements.

We invest in the health and safety of our staff, regular training sessions and the search for cutting-edge solutions that allow us to place our company on a global market.

some of our achievements

Thanks to our commitment, pragmatism, expertise and coordination we have achieved remarkable results that reward our work.


Km of electric cable laid per year


kW of total power of the managed heating systems


km of network with cathodic protection


hours of staff training


rods produced by the manufacturing department


working days without any injuries

specialised staff

personale certificato specializzato
  • Specialised staff with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level cathodic protection qualifications for buried metal structures;
  • Specialised staff with 2nd level cathodic protection qualification for underwater metal structures;
  • Specialised staff with vsmr- nadca certification;
  • Staff holding a proficiency in personal survival techniques certificate;
  • Staff qualified to work in suspected polluting or confined environments;
  • Staff qualified as 1st level technicians for non-destructive testing with thermography (tt);
  • Staff qualified to manage steam generators;
  • Fgas professionals pursuant to regulation 303/2008 category I.
Do you need our advice?

Our technical staff is available for all your requests in the Oil & Gas, Civil and Industrial or Renewable Energy sectors.

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