mission e vision


SA.GEST wants to be a  specialist partner for customers operating in the Oil & Gas, Civil and Industrial and Energy sectors and today is able to meet the different needs of its customers, in compliance with national and international standards, always ensuring the highest quality standards and offering full solutions, from project development to its conclusion through consolidated project management techniques and its internal human resources, each of which specialises in its own field of business.

Constant availability and respect for transparency and ethics, professional growth of individual workers, research, innovation and continuous development create added value for all those who are involved in our processes, an element which allows us to differentiate ourselves, as far as possible, from all other players, and therefore from our competitors.

Our strong will and perseverance in ensuring high quality services and performance allow us to combine ethical and professional values with technical and managerial goals at every business level, and this applies both to our management and to each single worker. The same approach was used when we chose to use a quality, safety and environmental integrated management to protect our business heritage, also through careful technical, economic and financial management.


SA.GEST, with its expertise based on recognised know-how, looks at the future with a constantly renewed spirit of innovation aimed at improving our performance but also at strengthening our position in different sectors, without ever losing sight of our business focus: customer satisfaction.

Do you need our advice?

Our technical staff is available for all your requests in the Oil & Gas, Civil and Industrial or Renewable Energy sectors.

Years later, Sa.Gest. srl looks at the future with a renewed spirit of innovation.