Sa.Gest srl designs and implements  air ducting systems. As part of our HVAC system services, takes care of the entire production cycle, from design to implementation of ducts for air conditioning and intake systems and their special components.  


Systems and components are manufactured at our factory, with the possibility to choose between ducts made of galvanized steel sheet or polyurethane sandwich panels. Each single piece is manufactured by our company.

We manufacture:

  • rectangular section ducts
  • circular section ducts
  • galvanized sheet metal ducts
  • ducts made of polyurethane sandwich panels (pre-insulated aluminium)
  • joints, curved pieces, etc.

The company also offers the following services:

  • air conditioning system design (HVAC)
  • supply of ducts
  • installation of ducts
  • insulation of lines
  • inspection and reclamation of existing ducts

We also offer duct accessories: rods, grilles, nozzles, etc.

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