Castel dell’Ovo shines again, even at night. A new and evocative lighting system by Enel Sole and Sa.Gest

Castel dell’Ovo shines again, even at night. Thanks to Enel Sole (Sa.Gest), the ancient fortress on the rocky island of Megaride dominates, even at night, with its majestic beauty, the ancient Borgo Marinaro offering a spectacular and unique landscape.

The new lighting system was turned on 21 December by the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, and the general manager of Enel Sole, Giovanni Maria Pisani.

“I would like to thank Enel Sole for its valuable collaboration, – said the first citizen of the capital of Campania – which will offer us the opportunity to see the lovely Borgo Marinaro and Castel Dell’Ovo under a new artistic light. A unique artistic landscape in the world, which will be admired both by citizens and tourists, today under a new light that will further enhance its extraordinary beauty”.

De Magistris, pointing out how the new lighting system was inaugurated now that Christmas has come, also said that “our collaboration with Enel Sole does not end here, because there are many areas in the city that must be redeveloped also with a new lighting system, which is important for such an important city”.

For the lighting system implemented at Castel dell’Ovo, Enel Sole has installed 16 new projectors, from 150 up to 1,200 W. On the cliff of via Partenope, two projectors lighting up the north side of the castle were positioned, while another five projectors were placed on the main facade. On the south side, on the other hand, two supports hold another six projectors and three projectors are located in the Ramaglietto area.

The works included the replacement of all existing metal structures, the inspection of all protection and control panels, as well as of all the projectors of the old system. “Being able to implement a new system in just over a month – said Pisani – has been a real challenge, but the new artistic lighting system of Castel dell’Ovo enhances its architecture and the entire area, and now one of the most ancient monuments in the city of Naples can shine again”.

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